Wholesale vacations

Say hello to your new best friend in travel pricing. Travel Googan introduces a refreshing, new approach that gives people an alternative way to shop for travel rates. For too long we have seen rising costs on flights, hotels and cruises and as a result, the American family vacation is no longer a part of our budget. Anymore, vacations are a luxury rather than the anticipated escape from the everyday drive. And before, we didn’t need to save up for a year just to spend on a week’s worth of travel.

But every once in a while, a hero emerges that throws a wedge in the grind and questions if there is a better way. Travel Googan has come up with a revolutionary new way of getting wholesale prices on flights, hotels and cruises to the Average Joe. You no longer need to be a VIP to enjoy the best hotel rates, or earn enough flight miles to get the best discount. What wholesale clubs like Costco have done to slash prices on food, Travel Googan has brilliantly done for travel costs.

What's a Googan?

Travel Googan has expanded this setup and created a travel membership club that takes the costs out of travel rates by buying in bulk, then offering the deals to its members at cost. No middle man means no mark-ups. And like wholesale membership food clubs, Travel Googan only profits from the membership fee, so they’re free to pass the savings onto its members. They have leveraged the power of volume purchasing, which allows suppliers to sell their products and services at costs they cannot provide on public markets. The wholesale food club model has exploded to nearly 100 million Americans, so we expect this travel membership club to revolutionize how people shop travel rates.

And if you’re skeptical about whether you will pay the same amount in the end with the club fee, Travel Googan allows you to sign up for a free demo and browse live rates. That gets you unpublished rates to flights, hotels, cruises, rental cars, vacation packages, and activities. In many cases, your entire yearly membership will be paid for in the savings you receive in just one trip. And just like shopping at Costco, the travel rates you gain access to greatly offset the membership fee, making it well worth it. There are also accommodating membership levels for the occasional and the frequent traveler. And the longer you’re a member, the more you can expect to see better prices, because with any club-style approach, the larger the customer base, the lower the rates.

Travel Googan emerged out of the need for travel agents and vacation planning while still being able to book online. Travel Googan has both. There is service behind their products and you don’t have to compromise travel expertise for low online booking rates. Most people booking online don’t realize what sites like Expedia aren’t telling them about markups. But since Travel Googan doesn’t make their money from markups, they are free to sell all their bookings at cost. Because of the agreements they have with their suppliers, Travel Googan can’t publish actual rates on the internet to just anyone. Their rates are exclusively offered to members only.

So who are some of these brand suppliers, anyway? Some of the largest on board include Tourico Holidays, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian for starters. And with over 15,000 luxury vacation condos worldwide and 3-5 star hotels worldwide, you’re guaranteed to save on the trips you normally book already. Another great advantage of partaking in a membership with Travel Googan is the alternative to time shares. Your membership guarantees the lowest possible cost on hotels, condos and villas you already want.

It’s a no-brainer; every household in America should have a Travel Googan membership. Who wouldn’t spend $30 bucks to save $200?